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2019 Open Show Report

South Notts CBS Open Show held on

Saturday 9 November, 2019 at Highbank

Community Centre, Clifton, Nottingham

South Notts CBS Open Show attracted a greatly increased entry well above those of previous years with well over 350 entries.

The section with largest entry was the Fife section which along with the Border section was judged by Mick Lowe who certainly had his work cut out with the larger entry, selected as Best Border a Hen Variegated Yellow Border shown by Roy Severn who also won the awards for both the Best Champion Flighted and Unflighted Border. Also after much deliberation Yates and Spears Variegated White Cock was chosen as the Best Fife Canary(along with the Best Champion Unflighted Fife). The Best Champion Flighted Fife was J White, whilst the Best Novice Flighted Fife was shown by G. Smith and the Best Novice Unlfighted Fife was shown by Rob Applegate with a three parts yellow cock.

Chris Jordan judged the Glosters selecting K Stokes birds to take both Best Flighted, Best Unflighted and Best Gloster, the Lizards (Huw Evans winning the Best Lizard) and the Coloured Canary section was dominated by K Stokes with the awards for both Best Flighted, Unflighted and overall Best Coloured Canary in the show. Chris also judged the Any Other Variety Canary section awarding Mr and Mrs Raine the Best Any Other Variety Canary for a Champion Unflighted hen Norwich.

The Budgie section was judged by Trevor Terheege who chose Phil Whites bird for Best Budgie in Show(the same bird taking the award for Best Champion Any Age Budgie), whilst Cy Thornes bird took the Best ChampionYoung Bird. Alan Kidger received the awards for Best Lutino Year Bird, Best Lutino Any Age and Best Lutino. Meanwhile John Wesson took the identical awards for the Albinos - Best Albino Year Bird, Best Albino Any Age and Best Albino. Cy Thorne also took the award for the Best Spangle Year Bird.

The British Birds, Mules & Hibrids and Foreign Bird Sections were adjudicated by the well known local birdkeeper and judge Jo Charlesworth who selected a beautiful cock Redstart in a tastfully decorated show cage as the Best British Birds, Mules & Hibrids shown by H Lappage who also took the awards for Best Hardbill & Best Current Year Bred Hardbill. Kevin Stokes was awarded Best Mule ans Best Hybrid.

Jo after perusing and judging the foreign exhibits was quite taken with the Orange Headed Ground Thrushes shown by Wez Kozlowski and selecred the Cock Orange Headed Ground Thrush as the Best Foreign Softbill and the Best Foreign Bird, he also selected Alan Kidgers Princess of Wales Parakeet as Best Foreign Parakeet with a nice Cherry Finch taking the awards for the Best Australian & Best Foreign Hardbill exhibited by Dave Foulstone.

South Notts CBS would like it to be known that this show was dedicated to the memory of Les Parkin who did an incredible amount to support our club and will be missed immensely. We would also like to show our appreciation and offer our thanks to the Judges and all those who assisted in the running of the show you did a great job and we thank you for your efforts and also Cage & Aviary Birds paper for its invaluable work in promoting our show.


August No Meeting Holiday Month, 


8 pm Highbank Community Centre 
South Nott's C B S Secretary Margaret Walker 
0115 9747312
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