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Our club was formed in the early eighties (I believe around 1983) the people behind this formation were Jessie Clarke, Kevin Rutter and Wez and Jo Kozlowski all of who kept birds at the time.

The vision behind the creation of the club was that it was for everyone that was interested in birds be they watchers, breeders, fanciers or exhibitors. 

As with all new things the initial interest was quite amazing with 70 to 80 people attending the first meeting and 120 attending the second meeting. Those were the days before Sky and the internet, both of which have proved to be of a more alluring nature than bird watching, keeping and the country side.

During the last thirty years or so South Notts CBS (SNCBS) has had a long list of famous people associated with the club such as Mr & Mrs George Sharratt, Ron Langley, Jim Spring, Colin Saunders, Dave Ross and Dave Crosby. All experts in their own area of bird keeping, breeding and exhibiting, plus many if not all were members at one time or another.

One of the many events of note in our history was the joint formation of a committee with Beeston CBS to organise, fund and run a Millennium Show which proved to be a great success.

This lead to a succession of shows over the following few years called the Nottingham National that took place at Rushcliffe Leisure Centre at West Bridgford, until Beeston CBS withdrew from the collaboration due to a drastically reduced membership and insufficient individuals that could help in the running of the show.

South Notts CBS continues to operate in the south of Nottinghamshire and stages its Open Shows at Highbank Community Center on the second Saturday of November each year.

During the rest of the year South Notts holds regular meetings every second Wednesday of the month (excluding August), at which we arrange a variety of events and speakers. For a full list of events simply follow this link Diary of events   

As you can see from our Diary of events we try to keep our meetings varied and interesting and are always open to new members. So why not join now by following this link Membership Application Form.




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8 pm Highbank Community Centre 
South Nott's C B S Secretary Margaret Walker 
0115 9747312
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